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People make organisations work.
Not just any people,
but the right people.


What You can Expect from Us

Our time for you is “free of charge”
Since the client company we recruit for pays for our services, time we spend with you is free of charge yet must be in the best interest of our client.

The essence of our profession is about respecting information people trust us with and disclosing it only under certain circumstances. A candidate clearly has to approve of his/her file being presented to a potential new employer. Our job also consists in making our clients aware of the fact that this kind of information is highly sensitive. Our staff is trained to listen a lot yet reveal information only when needed. Disclosing confidential information to non-authorized people is considered to be serious misconduct.

We will advise you only if we feel competent and your (implicit) questions fall within our field of expertise.  Assisting people in important career decisions is a serious matter which needs to be done in a privileged one-to-one discussion and which has nothing to do with social chit-chat.

We will therefore take your questions seriously and provide you with all necessary information we can give you about a particular vacancy, client’s organisation, further steps in the recruitment process etc.

Respect & non-discrimination
All candidates are treated with respect, without any prejudice. This means we consider you to be a unique individual on this earth with equal rights, whatever your age, gender, racial, socio-cultural background etc. Selection parameters will be applied based on our clients’ ethically acceptable criteria. Equal opportunities will be granted to everyone once objective selection criteria (such as technical expertise) have been objectively established.

We will not push you into accepting another job if you are not convinced and we will help you make a difference between the quality of you present job (which you ought to keep) and classical change aversion before every big change in life.

We will endeavor to keep your file up to date as much as possible. However, a growing number of applicants makes this extremely time-consuming. You are therefore extremely welcome to send us an unsolicited update of your cv or to spontaneously call us – if we haven’t yet – if you are involved in an active search process through our firm.

What We Expect from You

In order to be in a position to correctly assess the potential match between your profile and our clients’ needs we need access to all relevant information. We will therefore need you to honestly answer our consultants’ questions. The consultant will also be in a position to give you better career advice if provided with genuine information. Typical questions are: Why do you want to leave your present job? What kind of job/environment is important to you?  How important is money for you vs. work-life balance, learning opportunities etc.

In today’s professional world made of numerous best practices, people are expected to deliver what they promise. The way you behaved in the past, the way you interact with our consultant and potentially with our client will inevitably reflect on what people think of you.
Changing jobs is a serious matter including thorough preparation of essential questions like expatriation (with your spouse and kids?), demonstrated interest for our clients’ organisations (websites, annual reports etc.), respect of appointments, of words given and contracts signed…

Whenever – in the course of a recruitment process- we trust you with (oral and/or written) information about our clients’ organisations, we expect you to be worthy of that trust and treat that information as highly confidential. There is nothing wrong with candidates asking themselves questions about a job change or even with you no longer wanting to work for our client (that’s what interviews are for), but you should share your thoughts with our consultant for them to better guide you, one way or the other, in the best interest of all parties.